New Sweet Home – Review

15-Jan-2014: Now this is not about our sweet home. Yes it is new and sweet and all that, but this is about the New Sweet home eatery which is on Kumthekar road, adjacent to Laxmi Road in Pune.

Why I am writing about this now? Because something unimaginable has happened. I am trying to have the mutter karanji there since last 3 years or so and finally I had it this weekend :), but it was no way close to the expectations which was built over many years and so was bit of a letdown.

I had never been to this place before and I was introduced to it by G few years ago. Per her, this is the must have stopover after all the shopping on the Laxmi road for her and her family. So once we had been around that area for shopping, G took me there and since then I have been to this place few times with her. Now when I first went there, I saw mutter karanji on the menu and as I like this item very much (the ones which Mom makes are yummy ;)), so I ordered that for me on the counter, only to learn that it’s not available today. G wanted to have vada sambar, which is her favorite dish here, so I ordered the same and it was ok. Then next time, I again ordered mutter karanji and the same reply. I was very much frustrated, why keep an item on the menu if it is not going to be available πŸ˜‰ . So again had vada sambar with G :).

So this weekend, when we had gone for some Sankranti shopping there and G was hungry and I knew this is her favorite place, so I told her let me take you for snacks there and also let me try my luck again with karanji. The luck finally smiled :), but after having this stuff there was nothing to smile about. So again had to be content with vada sambar and coffee and then we continued with our shopping. Per G, one another specialty here is Mango Ice Cream. Let’s see when that happens. Until that time .. no more mutter karanji for me..even if it is available 24/7  πŸ™‚

PS: As per my notes, I had started writing this blog last year in August, may be when I had gone to that place last and was going to write about the mutter karanji eluding me. So finally there is a happy ending to this, or is it πŸ˜‰