SubhanMangal Fort


Fort Type : Land                                                  Base Village : Shirwal, Satara district

Grade : Easy                                                          Height : 1978 feet

Distance From Pune : 50 kms

31-Aug-2014 : Now you may not believe this, that having passed besides this fort for umpteen times over the last 10 years, still it was only now that I visited this place. I think that’s what life is all about, things happen only at the right time and today was that right day :).

We had some work at Shirwal and so I, R and dad were going there for a short while. The plan was to go to Shirwal, once the work is done eat at Shree Ram vada pav center and then drive back. One way journey to Shirwal is around 1 hour, so we were planning to leave at 8:00 am in the morning and be back for lunch in Pune. Then from blue, thought of visiting this fort came to my mind. SubhanMangal fort is located in Shirwal town itself and its very close to the Pune – Satara super highway, through which I have passed so many times, still not been to this place. So we included paying a short visit to this place in our itinerary of that day.

Shirwal is located around 55 kms from Pune and is in Satara district. SubhanMangal Fort, which is also called Shirwal fort is a very old and historic fort. It is located on the banks of Neera river and its a land fort. It had witnessed many historic events and I always wanted to visit and see it for myself. There is very less information available about it now and very few people visit it as many people prefer to go to hill forts. We started on time and went to Shirwal town first. We did our work and before going for breakfast decided to see the fort.

We did some enquiry near the bus stand and got onto the route. The roads are good, but are very narrow as they pass through the old section of the town and there are lots of turns and twists. We finally reached near the fort and parked our vehicle.

What we saw made us quite sad. Only one Bastion and a small wall extension is what is left of the fort. The remaining structure has fallen off, or just not there. Such a poor state of our historical places :(. There is a small temple located just adjacent to the bastion. It had a very small door. We somehow went in and it was really calm and peaceful. Then we started climbing the fort not expecting much to see, but wanted to check it out never the less. There was indeed nothing left of the fort at the top as well. Though there were some good views of Neera river, highway and few bridges on the river from top. It was very quite place and the fort was in bad rather no shape at all and it is hard to believe this fort being one of the important ones in history. We could also see why it would have been difficult to win as it is surrounded by the river and in its heydays would have had a strong fortification.

We then descended and started back . I was glad that I came to see the fort, which I always wanted to visit, but was sad to see the state of affairs. History is not kind :(.

PS: After the eventful day, we had snacks at Shree Ram vada pav center, which we don’t fail to visit when we are around 🙂 and took some parcel back home for G and aai.


One thought on “SubhanMangal Fort

  1. Shirwal is my mom’s native place. Its a nice place. I have also visited that fort. When I did some enqiry about that fort, I came to know about many facts related to this fort.
    The first complaint about Shivaji Maharaja was sent by the ‘Killedar’ of this fort to the ‘Adil Shah’. This has also mentioned in the book named ‘Shriman Yogi’. Also many local people say that there was and is an underground road which starts from this fort and ends to the temple named ‘Kedareshwar Temple’. There are many other stories related to this fort.
    I personally feel sad after looking the condition of this fort. After some years no one will believe that there was a fort named ‘Subhanmangal’.

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