Ooty – Coonoor – Mysore – Day 5

18-Aug-2014: Again woke up early and got ready. Today’s plan was to cover Zoo and then head for Bangalore airport as early as possible. Our flight was at 8:30 pm. We wanted to take no chances and were willing to reach early and wait there rather than later rushing through to catch the flight. We packed everything and went down for breakfast. It was ok. We had wanted to leave hotel by 8:45 am as we had heard that the zoo opens by 9:00 am, but driver called and told us that it opens by 10:00 am, so we took it easy. We left for the zoo by 9:30 am. On the way we had decided to buy Mysore pak for family, which we bought on the main road at Mahalakshmi store.

We reached the zoo just in time at 10:15 am and bought tickets and went in. We were thinking of covering as much as possible on foot, before heading back. But we saw electric bus inside, which takes you through the complete zoo and drops you back at the entrance gate. The whole ride is for 1 hour, this is a very good option. The bus was almost full and there was one group in front of us. So it seemed we might not get it and we will have to walk instead. But that group had more members than available seats and so we got lucky and got the 2 seats for us.

The zoo is very good and there are so many animals in it. Ar liked it very much, especially tiger and hippo. When we were near the hippo’s place, he was being fed and he was opening its big mouth, seeing that Ar also started doing the same and every time I use to say what does hippo do and she would show me her stretched open mouth :). You can see many animals while sitting in the bus only which moves along slowly. For the zones, which are bit off road, the bus stops close by and then you cover that zone by foot. The zoo is very well maintained and many of the animals are kept in open, with only ditches separating the visitors, not barbed fences or steel cage etc. We enjoyed it a lot and were back to entrance. We then started for Bangalore airport by 12:00 pm. Before leaving I bought naral pani, which G was waiting to have since last 4 days.

On the way we took break for lunch at a food mall. We ordered South Indian thali and it had very good rasam and other delicacies. I bought a counting and reading toy for Ar and we left. When we entered the village of toys (don’t know the name of the village, but it is famous for wooden and other kinds of toys) G bought few toys there. We reached near Bangalore by 3:45 pm and were welcomed by heavy traffic . We reached the airport by 6:00 pm. We settled the cab fare (he had added an extra day, which I got cleared from agency and paid accordingly).

We decided to have dinner at airport itself. From the point we entered the airport gates lobby, we saw a food chain called Malgudi Days, which was serving Kerala food and liking the name we thought that it would have good food, so ordered, podi idli, medur vada and coffee etc. The food was very bad and I am never going to have those items again :(. Medur vada was as hard as steel . The flight was on time and we headed back to Pune. Ar again enjoyed the plane ride, though at the flag end of flight journey, she cried a bit. We reached Pune by 10:15 pm. Our cab was waiting for us and we started back towards home and reached by 11:00 pm.

It was such a great 5 days trip and we covered so much in this time. Ar also enjoyed a lot and it was her first plane and railway ride. Memories for lifetime 🙂


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