Tamhini Ghat Trip

07-Sep-2014: In my earlier post I had mentioned about the desire to go to Tamhini Ghat in near future in monsoon season. But at that time it seemed it’s not happening this year, time constraints you know ;). But suddenly this Sunday, we didn’t had much to do and the weather was also good; cloudy but not raining, so I suggested if we can go to Tamhini Ghat. It was on the fly plan, Baba wanted to take rest and Aai was not feeling well, so I, G and Ar decided to go. My plan was to start early so that we can enjoy some time there and be back before dark. But we got delayed and could start only by 2:30 pm.

We were quite late and I was worried a bit, of getting stranded in traffic jam on the way back and also if it would be dark on the way back. The drive was good, great weather, bit cold outside, it was perfect time to go. The road to take is the same as for Mulshi, through Chandani chowk, continue on Paud road and then take semicircular roundabout of Mulshi backwaters. It was all green this time compared to last time we visited as the rains had just started then. Also at that time Mulshi backwaters was quite empty, but now it was almost full and overflowing at some places. Such a great sight and refreshing for us all. We could also see clouds descending low and I was enjoying the drive.

The road to Mulshi is fairly good, but after that the roads are really bad, especially in small ghat sections. At many places roads had been washed away due to heavy rains which happen in this part. We reached the Tamhini village by 4:30 pm. The name of the ghat has been given from this base village. Then we started the ghat ascent. The ghat is one of the most beautiful I have seen. It passes through dense jungle where hardly any sun rays were reaching. Due to clouded weather it was even more darker. There are so many waterfalls on the way, many of them falling from very top of hills. Sounds of so many waterfalls, enchanted our ears.

We then stopped at one of the view spot, from where you could see total of 4 waterfalls. One of them bit far, but big and falling from quite a height. Also we could see many peaks of Sahyadri hills. It was such a great sight. We could have been there whole day. Ar also had cheered up by then. Actually, she was having cough and cold since last few days and only because it had receded a bit that day, we had decided to go out. But she was still recovering from it and was bit subdued overall. We would have liked to go bit further and explore this area more, but as we were getting late, we decided to start the return journey.

Earlier we had spotted many small waterfalls but had decided to be there and enjoy on return. At one such place, where there was no one, we pulled up. We then got into the waterfall. The water was so cold and pristine clear. We had a great time there. Earlier Ar was not getting into the water, which was bit strange, but understandable, considering she was still recovering from cold, but finally she also could not resist getting into gar gar papa . We were there for 15- 20 minutes and then we moved on.

We wanted to have some snacks on the way and G suggested having kanis, at stalls which we had seen on our way here. We pulled up at one such place, but there was a big crowd there and as we were already bit late, we decided to head on. We reached home by 6:30 pm, encountering bit of heavy rain on our return journey. With this short trip, we were rejuvenated for the week to come, though unfortunately Ar didn’t enjoy it that much 😦


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