Ganpatipule Trip – Day 3


03-May-2014: Today morning I and Ar were the last ones to wake up. We quickly got ready and packed up. Then I completed the checkout formalities and we headed to the restaurant for breakfast. We had a heavy breakfast, packed dosas for Ar and then started for the Ganpatipule Temple. The temple is right on the beach and just 3-4 minutes walking distance from MTDC resort. It has swayambhu Ganpati idol and the temple is very nice. We took Ganpati darshan and took prasad and were out in the courtyard. The outer courtyard faces the beach and then we started back.

While coming back yesterday from the tour I had seen a very good spot just few kms before Ganapatipule. It’s the village called Bhandarpule and so we decided to head there 1st. We were on our route back to Pune and I had thought that we would be passing through this spot. But when I realized that’s not the case, I took a u turn and headed to Bhandarpule. This spot is a good as Aare Ware spot and it has a great views of Ganapatipule and Bhandarpule beachs along with the sea. We spent close to 20- 25 mins there appreciating the natural beauty and taking many pics and videos. Seeing the beach and sea in front of her, Ar was pointing towards it and wanted to go back again to play in the waters. But then our vacation was coming to close and we had to head back.

On the way back G suggested we keep an eye for mango trees and pluck few mangoes. So we stopped at 2-3 spots where the mango trees were full of mangos and they were hanging quite low for us to easily pluck them. At one place, such mango trees were part of the private property and G braved her way and plucked quite good mangoes from there πŸ™‚ We also bought Cashews on the way from the Cashew factory. We were hardly covering much of a distance due to constant stops in between and so decided that as we are running late we will not stop until lunch.

We took break for lunch only when we reached Karad. G had spotted Dominoes and other hotels and we decided to go for the pizza. While I went ahead and placed the order, Ar had her food in the car. Then we had a good fresh pizza and bit of rest from the long drive and then started back. On the way to Satara, it started to get cloudy and we were anticipating rains. And then it came, it rained cats and dogs for long time and I had great time driving through it πŸ™‚ The traffic was normal and so we were back home by 6:30 pm. It took almost same time; 8 hours for the return journey mainly because we had taken many breaks on our way back.

Thus the 3 days vacation was over in no time and we were back with great memories. I think we will remember the natural beauty of kokan, nice kozy resort, beautiful coastal roads, Ganpatipule temple and aroma of Ratnagiri hapoos for long time. But the thing which will be in my memory for long would be Ar’s gaar.. gaar.. papa.. πŸ™‚

PS: We would be back soon to gaar.. gaar.. papa.. Ar πŸ™‚


One thought on “Ganpatipule Trip – Day 3

  1. Hats Off to your observations…!! The very little thing/experience immediately hit your brains… and then it feels really good when it comes through your blog…. It may happen because you are always into the driver’s shoes… πŸ˜‰
    Awaiting pics.. πŸ™‚ Yeah will definitely again make it somewhere this year to gaar gaar papa…

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