My First Blog

This is my first blog!!!

What I am going to blog about…

Hmm.. let me think ..maybe …

On Pune .. where I stay..

On my travel expeditions with my wife which I like.. on adventure trips with friends and family which also I like… But I like books also .. and movies..and pets (no dogs pls 🙂 )..and gardening ..and current affairs..and..

So pretty much about everything…:)


7 thoughts on “My First Blog

  1. It’s indeed an excellent place to stopover and enjoy the blissful scenery. Especially you were the company, so it was cherry on the cake dear… 😉

  2. Good one Amit…
    And if u are too confused on what your next blog should be about, let me give you the context of it…. It wud be abt an outing where we too wud be a part of it…. And ur blog will have nothing but description about Shalmali and her endless activities….. what say Gauri…?? No one will get a chance to enjoy the scenic beauty around…… 🙂

    But yes, we can plan an outing one day… may be a short trip to ur Satara’s house……

  3. Yep sure we will.. lets plan….
    @Sheetal.. yeah agree.. too many things to spell out about Shalmali… 🙂
    we’ll enjoy the scenic beauty too alongwith her endless activities…

  4. I dont think Amit would be thinkin of what would be the next topic of blog… there are already too many in the pipeline.. 😀 1-1 by we’ll get to see… right amit? and that too too the ones which lasted “good memories” only… 😉

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